The airport serving Scotland’s Capital City, which was sold by the BAA in 2011, has undergone many positive changes since the sale that have “most definitely all been amazing”, according to the chief executive.

An aerial view of Edinburgh Airport, which has grown considerably since its days as an RAF base, only recently demolished the last remnants of its RAF past, 70 years after the war ended.

Being the official starting point of the new Edinburgh Trams route into the city, it also underwent a large expansion in 2014 to improve the security gate experience for passengers.

A recent report from the airport on customer satisfaction has highlighted that the public is utterly thrilled by all the changes recently made to the international terminal.

Adam Johnstone, an Edinburgh businessman who regularly commutes to London from the city’s airport, is on record as saying:

“The new extension has been brilliant. After negotiating the really confusing road signs into the airport, I can now pay even more money to park my car and go straight to security screening via the bridge. It’s great, I love being skinned alive for the exorbitant parking fees at the multistorey and having to pay even more money to cut 2 minutes off my journey through to security screening in the morning.

“Moreover, I’m really blown away that I simply must go through the duty free shop now into the departures lounge without literally any other option to bypass it. When I’ve got a long day ahead of me traveling around London and don’t expect to get home until after 8pm tonight despite the 5am flight, I love nothing more than having to negotiate the aisles of the duty free shop and mindless passengers who block the aisles. It’s just amazing.

“And the staff. Wow.”

Other improvements to the airport have been the drop-off charge of £2. This has positively encouraged more vehicles to come to the terminal building and get more people to use the airport because they totally agree with spending £2 simply to grace the tarmac for 1 minute.

With the Gogar tram interchange now in place, passengers now have the amazing luxury of spending over three times the amount of other tram fares on the network to take the 3 minute journey to get onto the mainline rail network and sell internal organs to use Scotrail’s services.

With the east coast main rail line passing literally at the end of the runway, many people have questioned the logic in creating an interchange instead of a mainline railway station at the terminal as per many other airports in Britain, which would make far more sense for international passengers and domestic passengers alike. However, this has been written off as “nonsensical” and “a waste of money”.

Future plans for the airport include a plane spotting fee for drivers on the nearby M90 who might happen to see aircraft taking off. Special cameras will detect drivers’ eye movements and charge them accordingly.

The CEO of Edinburgh Airport added:

“This is an exciting project and we’re going to use the funds raised from this to get more of those “win a supercar” competitions in the departures lounge, because those are boss.”

Meanwhile, in Westminster, Edinburgh Airport is still just viewed as being a “feeder” to Heathrow, which will eventually swallow up London.