The Dundee Taxi Driving community today has been rocked by the news that non-taxi drivers in the city are also permitted to use the roads.

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Dundee taxi driver with one of those new-fangled battery cars. Electric taxis have been praised for their quiet nature, allowing taxi drivers to sneak up on their prey.

The shocking revelation comes as the city continues to beautify the central waterfront area of the city in preparation for the V&A Museum of Design opening in 2018.

City councillors made the announcement today at a presentation to the Dundee City Taxi Driver’s Club, as they tackled other issues such as new taxi ranks at the new train station and Slessor Gardens area.

Councillor Bill McMurray, said:

“We feel it’s worth mentioning that as taxi drivers, you aren’t the only road users in the city. Those other cars that you see, they’re owned by private citizens and also have a right to be using the streets.”

This was met with outrage from many of the city’s older cabbies, who are used to treating the city as a giant go kart track and feel that parking anywhere is totally acceptable.

Boab Steen, a Kirkton resident born and bred, added:

“Whit a load a pish. Eh’ve been a taxi drehver since ah was 18, wha’s gonna tell meh whaur ah can park meh taxi. If eh want tae park on a circle eh’m no carin’ wha’s pit oot bae that.”

A delegation from the Dundee parking enforcement was also present, who wished to remain anonymous, noted:

“This is good clarification because for years we’ve also been on the assumption that taxis can do what they like. I’ve been happily ticketing cars parked slightly on double yellow lines for years, but only if it’s not a taxi. If I see a taxi parked in an inconvenient location or flouting the highway code, I’ll let it slide because it’s their town. But now I’ll have to re-think my strategy.”

Councillor McMurray added:

“From now on, if you see a non-taxi vehicle on the road, you must not treat it as an obstruction or an inconvenience to your journey, so harassing the vehicle is not appropriate. Moreover, as other vehicles are entitled to use these busy roads, causing an obstruction such as double-parking, stopping on junctions or simply stopping without any warning is not acceptable.”

The Dundee Taxi Drivers’ Association is said to be discussing a protest.