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“Shocking” – public transport “not affordable” for many Scots

"More than one million people in Scotland live in areas at risk of 'transport poverty'", according to a new study by SESTRANS. Scotland, a country that once built locomotives and ships for countries around the world (literally giving the world... Continue Reading →


“Might as well do all roadworks at the same time” – Councils

Council chiefs across Scotland have agreed that doing all the roadworks at the same time is a more efficient use of tax payers' money and not at all impractical.

Edinburgh Airport improvements “definitely positive” for passengers.

Edinburgh Airport chiefs continue to develop the airport into a parody for the betterment of Scotland.

Dundee taxi drivers shocked to learn that public are also allowed to use the roads

Dundonian Cabbies are totally stunned to learn that they're not the only drivers allowed to use the Dundee roads.

Edinburgh residents still can’t spell Princes Street properly

Princes Street has and has only ever had 1 S in the spelling.

Edinburgh to build a “second Edinburgh” just for the tourists

The world-famous ancient city that thrives on tourism has become "too touristy" for some residents.

DVLA confirms secret “hidden” rules for drivers

It's official. Some drivers genuinely are above the rules, the DVLA has confirmed.

Indy Ref 2 will right the Brexit wrongs in Scotland

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon plans to solve the problem of political division by trying to get Scotland out of the UK. Again.

St Andrews – Scotland’s first hedonist leisure resort

An incredible discovery has shed more light on the North East Fife town and answered a lot of questions.

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